Need inspiration? Read.

June 25, 2012

Tags: agent, revisions, inspiration

One evening recently I received a long email from my wonderful agent, with more suggestions about revisions to my manuscript. I admit I was disappointed; Iíd thought Iíd nailed it on the last draft and we were done. Guess not.

So I proceeded to my usual two-humped process when receiving this kind of feedback. The first hump is, "No way; that doesnít make sense." But my agent is smart and savvy, and after thinking about it, I had to agree that most of her recommendations do make sense. The second hump is, "Omigod, I canít do that. Iím not smart enough, talented enough." That hill is harder to climb. (more…)

Recent reads and her perfect reader

June 11, 2012

Tags: political fiction, perfect reader

Itís been a busy month since I last posted a blog Ė a month that included several writing-related events, major revisions to my ďfinishedĒ manuscript, attending Book Expo America, and welcoming a new grandbaby to our family. These happenings have interfered with my ability to work on my brand-new manuscript, but they havenít interrupted my reading. Or trying to think critically about the books I read.

Because the nasty truth about being an unrepentant writer/reader is that you can never just read a book again. I mean just for fun. At least, I canít. Every book I pick up is irresistibly subjected to the questions I ask myself: Is that opening paragraph both provocative and true to the pact Iím making with the reader? Does the narrative arc take me on a compelling journey? Is the voice one Iím willing to stay with for 300 pages or so?