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It is particularly fun (and scary) to have your book group read YOUR novel

"Disappeared in America" at Western New England School of Law

Three new novels that tell (the) truth

Robby's wildflower garden

Celine Keating, Elizabeth Nunez, Tiphanie Yanique, Ellen Meeropol, Marnie Mueller

I didn't take any photos this week; this one is the fiction writing group from a few years ago

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The Writing on the Wall

September 10, 2012

Tags: W.D. Wetherell, The WRITING ON THE WALL

I just finished reading a new novel and it blew me away. Typically when I finish a book Iíve really enjoyed, one I think I might want to blog about, I wait a few days to let my responses marinate, settle. But this book wasnít typical and I canít wait to tell you about it. (more…)

By the light of a padiddle

September 5, 2012

After a summer of interruptions, Iím back to my novel-in-progress, trying to satisfy my characters that Iíve returned for real, that I didnít abandon them. Theyíre not entirely convinced.

To be honest, Iím not convinced either. I donít yet know where this novel is going. But I believe in the truth of E.L. Doctorowís statement, "Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.Ē

Unfortunately at the moment my writer-car has a single headlight Ė a padiddle Ė and that one is dim. (more…)