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Taking a break

April 16, 2014

Tags: writing, job, grandparent

People assume Im retired. After all, my hair is graying and I no longer get in my car every morning and drive to the childrens hospital where I worked as a nurse practitioner. I no longer dress like a professional, although I was never so good at that part. Instead, I get up every morning including weekends and write, usually in my pajamas or workout clothes, mug of coffee at my elbow.

Im not retired, I correct them. I write every day. Writing is my job, my work.

The problem with the job of writing fiction is that before now, I never took a break. My characters accompanied me on every trip away. Beach vacation or mountains, road trip or writing conference, they came along. When my laptop wasnt handy, my notebook was right there.

But this week is different. Im at a natural breathing spot. My second novel, ON HURRICANE ISLAND, is in production, for publication early in 2015. The third manuscript is with my agent, awaiting her brilliant editing attention. The fourth is well into the third trimester of internal gestation, but not quite ready for the page. The essay Ive been working on is finished too, and sent off to find its way in the world.

The setting is right for a break as well. Im in Brooklyn, helping out during school vacation week. My granddaughter is six; her brother is almost two. They are delightful and exhausting. Like all the other graying grandparents, Im hanging out at multiple playgrounds, lugging scooters and snacks, reading Ivy & Bean, negotiating play dates, and drawing pictures with 36 fine point markers.

Do I miss my characters this week? Nope. Not even a little.