As a major hurricane threatens the northeast, federal agents abduct math professor Gandalf Cohen from JFK airport, and fly her to a secret island interrogation center off the coast of Maine. Henry, the FBI special agent in charge, doubts that the professor has any credible information about terrorism and orders her treated with restraint. His second-in-command Tobias disagrees and proceeds with vigorous questioning. Gandalf’s only hope is her guard, newly-hired local resident Austin Coombs who is uncomfortable with Tobias’ rough methods. Austin has grown up hearing stories about Hurricane Island and her family’s role in the island’s tumultuous history.

The storm slams the island. The conflict between Henry and Tobias detonates. Tobias’ interrogation of Gandalf becomes increasingly violent and misogynist. Austin must choose sides if she and the professor are to survive.

Told by multiple narrators on both sides of the political divide over five days approaching the anniversary of 9/11, On Hurricane Island is both a fast-faced political thriller and a literary examination of critical issues facing our society, even more now, in the wake of the publication of the Senate Report on Torture.

How far should government go in the name of protecting our national security? How free are citizens when governmental powers of surveillance and extra-legal interrogation are expanded? On Hurricane Island continues Meeropol's tradition of dramatizing ethical concerns facing our nation and our world.