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My fourth novel, Her Sister's Tattoo, was published in April 2020 by Red Hen Press. My book launch, readings, conferences and house parties were cancelled or transformed into virtual events. The silver lining is that many of us, hunkering down at home, will have more time for reading and writing. I probably won't be able to meet you at a bookstore event or house party, but I hope you'll attend a virtual gathering and consider buying Her Sister's Tattoo, preferably from your favorite local indie bookstore, or my publisher - Red Hen Press - click on the book image to the left. You can check out the reviews and interviews page, and the upcoming events. If you'd like to attend (or host) a virtual book party, please contact me


Perhaps you'll select it for your book group (and maybe I can zoom in?).


If you've read the book, and enjoyed it, would you consider adding a rating and/or review to Goodreads and Amazon?


Big thanks to Lit Hub and Bethanne Patrick for including Her Sister's Tattoo in 5 Books You May Have Missed in April and to Jonathan Kirsch and the Jewish Journal for this amazing book review.


As with all my books, the most satisfying part of publishing is the comments I get from readers. I've pasted some of them below, in case you'd like to see how this book resonates with readers at this moment in time.




Reader comments:


"the novel shows us how principled political actions can sometimes result in life changing consequences, ones that break families apart and last over generations. It's a great read and today, timely beyond measure."


"Told from multiple points of view, we experience both the great damage the characters impose on their families, as well as the underlying love that brings about their salvation. It's a difficult tale, told with beauty and compassion."


"I found the tension between the sisters and their decisions to be layered and worth extra thought, a deeper contemplation. That was what kept pulling me back to the story even though at times it was difficult to keep picking it up because of the stress of their situations. It made me look at my own life and own decisions and try to put myself in their shoes."


"Meeropol's page-turning story transports us into the anti-Vietnam movement and masterfully draws our personal bias to side with one of two sisters, torn apart by their highest values, only to see the other sister's side and question the gray areas of our own beliefs."


"The book is so wonderfully complicated and I keep thinking, wondering what Rosa and Esther would be thinking about the demonstrations today and in the past week. Would they participate or would their politics have changed drastically enough that participation would not be an option?"


"Your novel comes out at a time now when all of us have lost any innocence we might once have had - when the passion in Rosa's character speaks a truth about the need to fight for what's right - when all your characters help us see that such a fight can have huge costs that ripple through communities and families."