Write fiction with Ellen Meeropol in Easthampton this fall

Growing a story: A five-session fiction class with Ellen Meeropol
White Square Books, Easthampton, MA
Monday evenings, fall 2016

This five-session workshop offers an introduction to writing fiction. The group will focus on the basic elements of craft, study short examples from published work, do in-class writing exercises and share work with each other. There will be assignments between meetings, with the goal of finishing a short story draft by the end of the class. We will spin stories that grab our hearts and make us think.

September 12: Setting and scene
September 26: Character
October 10: Plot and conflict
October 24: Point of view
November 7: Dialogue

Tuition for the five-session course is $150.

Comments from previous classes
“Far exceeded my expectations! I feel so inspired…”
“A magical workshop with a great deal of support, wonderful people…
and a lovely vibe.”
“Exploring why things work and the mechanics of how to achieve certain ends
were revelatory”
“Elli set a safe and warm tone. People felt encouraged and respected.”

Praise for Ellen Meeropol's work:

"On Hurricane Island is a thriller that I just couldn’t put down…so graphic and compelling. But amazing in the research, analysis and investigative reporting of the reality we live in today where the terror of misguided patriotism, government surveillance and torture under the euphemism of enhanced interrogation, is not fiction but all too real. Ellen Meeropol’s indictment of the increasing “war on terrorism” hysteria with its consequent attack on our freedoms, is another powerful wake up call……and a great read!" –Connie Hogarth, Director, Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action

“Ellen Meeropol’s courageous debut novel explores what it means to live by the principle of compassion, even in defiance of the rules and the rule-makers. It is about the power of ceremony, the hard road to healing, survival and transcendence in the face of unbearable loss. Meeropol, herself a longtime nurse and activist, brings an authentic voice to this moving tale of the ethical and political choices faced by health care practitioners, and by all of us.” –Martín Espada, The Republic of Poetry

“I didn't plan to do so, but I read it straight through until I got to the end. Only then did I realize that this is the sort of novel I've been wanting to read for a very long time. Not just because it is a great story that is beautifully written (I love literary fiction), but also because the characters and their lives are so far afield from the configurations we have come to expect, such as the married parents with their two physically perfect children, living in a single-family home. ... House Arrest offers a sophisticated and nuanced approach to questions I like to ponder: How does friendship develop and what determines whether a friendship sticks or comes undone? When is deception warranted in order to protect another person - or is it? How can we live fully and meaningfully outside of the usual boxes that are offered up to us?” –Bella DePaulo, PsychologyToday.com

“On Hurricane Island takes us into the world of an imprisoned math professor who is clueless as to why she’s being interrogated. We enter the reality of federal agents facing terrifying expectations, and of a rookie civilian employee horrified by secret tasks thrust on her. Ellen Meeropol’s masterful novel rings of truth—a petrifying truth that had me whipping pages, covering my eyes, and questioning how much I really know about the growing cost of the war on terror.” – Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Comfort of Lies

“In On Hurricane Island, Ellen Meeropol takes on the complexities and dangers of contemporary life in a novel that starts fast and ratchets up the tension all the way to the end. She brings to her writing a sharp, observant eye, great skill in characterization, and, best of all, a talent for taut, suspenseful narrative in the style of Graham Greene.” – Walter Wetherell, author of A Century of November