What readers have to say about On Hurricane Island

“On Hurricane Island … is no political tract; it’s a suspenseful page-turner with a varied cast of characters, all utterly human and believable. … Meeropol has a light touch with this dark story, and gives the reader relief by intercutting her scenes and cycling through the various voices and perspectives. She has written a novel of ideas, activism, and political challenge, one that is illuminated by hope and heart.”

“These are timely, urgent issues explored in this novel. Secret prisons, civilian detention, torture. … Meeropol has done a good deed by taking this topic on, and she's done an amazing deed by turning it into a highly readable, provocative, moving book.”

“Good fiction puts you in the shoes of the characters and wraps you up in their lives for 300 pages. It paralyzes you, because all else in life suddenly becomes less important - you just have to get back to reading the story. So prepare to put your life on hold for a bit while you travel to the coast of Maine to read On Hurricane Island.”

“This novel is fast paced and exciting, but it's not all action because the characters are amazingly real with compelling, understandable motives. What happens in the detention center is far too believable, and, to me, that's what was really frightening. As an American citizen, you need to read this book.”