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Essays & Stories


“Inside the Rib: Red Hen Press Launch Sisters Discuss their Work,” with Veronica Golos
Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, Spring 2011

“Five political novels to change the world”
Guest blog on Madam Mayo, February, 2011

Essay on my family legacy and writing fiction
The Rumpus, December 20, 2010

“Untying the Knot,” review of Motherknot
Sevendays, June 28, 1976

“The Ethel Rosenberg Story,” with Beth Schneider
Off Our Backs, 1975


"For Ethel, Absent in Northampton" published in COMPASS ROADS: POEMS ABOUT THE PIONEER VALLEY, 2018, Levellers Press


"Earth Day"

Excerpted story from Kinship of Clover. Paperbark Magazine, fall 2018

"Necessary Fierceness"
Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, Spring 2006

The Pedestal Magazine, October 2004

"Sometimes an Island"
Portland Magazine, September 2004

Patchwork Journal, May 2004

"Third Sister"
The Women’s Times, August 2003